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Our proprietary RNA-based, retrotransposon mediated gene-insertion technology, (RetroT™), has applications across gene editing and delivery.  Retrotransposons are genetic elements that have the capability of replicating through reverse transcription of an RNA transposition intermediate. They contribute to structural changes and more importantly to gene regulation.
Our retrotransposon-based approach relies on mRNA to deliver genetic sequences and integration enzymes in a single mRNA strand. This breakthrough technology offers the potential to deliver gene-sized pieces of DNA into the genome, which are larger than currently possible with existing gene editing technologies. As a result, it holds the potential to significantly expand the type and scope of genetic errors that can be reversed in situ.
In March 2022, we announced that we entered into an exclusive research collaboration and option agreement with Prime Medicine to develop and accelerate RetroT.  As part of the deal, Myeloid received a $45M upfront payment and the company is eligible for significant future milestones. 


RetroT Gene-editing

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