Using Myeloid Therapeutics ATAK™ Cancer Killing T cell Immunity Platform for COVID-19 Vaccine

What we know:

  • Older persons are at increased risk for COVID-19 respiratory failure for the same reason they are at increased risk for shingles: a decline in T cell immune function as they age.

  • Decreased T cell immune function leads to increased innate immune responses such as the exuberant inflammation seen in the lungs of some COVID-19 patients.

  • Antibody responses are often short-lived in patients who have recovered from pathogenic coronaviruses, making them susceptible to repeated infections.

  • In contrast SARS-CoV infection induces a potent and long-lived T cell response in surviving humans.

  • Immunization strategies that induce anti-CoV antibodies may worsen COVID-19 pneumonia. Anti-CoV antibodies in animal models have been shown to cause acute lung injury.

  • Vaccination approaches for COVID-19 in clinical testing are designed to teach the immune system to make antibodies.

Advantage and Applicability of Myeloid Therapeutics ATAK™ Cell Approach as a COVID-19 Vaccine Option

  • Myeloid cells are a critical regulator of T cell immunity.

  • In-licensed myeloid technology from Duke Technology harnesses the potent capability of myeloid cells to activate and expand specific T cell populations.

  • No vaccine or other treatment modality currently exploits this potential.

  • The ATAK™ Myeloid cell platform is the first to harnesses the potential of these cells.

  • Originally designed for oncology, Myeloid Therapeutic in partnership with Duke University is applying this technology to COVID-19.

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