We use our ATAK™ platform to harness myeloid cells and redirect them to recognize, target and kill difficult-to-treat cancers

 Existing cell therapies have known limitations, including manufacturing challenges and difficulty targeting solid tumors. The ATAK platform overcomes these limitations.

Key Platform Characteristics

Harnessing the frequent migration of myeloid cells from the blood into solid tumors as well as sites of inflammation

Empowering myeloid cells to produce anti-tumor agents and modify the tumor microenvironment

Directing phagocytic properties of myeloid cells, including the capability to recognize and engulf cancer cells

Bridging innate and adaptive immunity, to elicit a broad anti-tumor immune response with tumor specific T cells


ATAK™ Monocytes

We engineer myeloid cells with receptors known as CHIMERIC ANTIGEN RECEPTORS (CARs).  This programming accentuates the ability of myeloid cells to recognize, bind to, and eradicate tumor targets. These cells also direct inflammatory activities, transform the tumor microenvironment and engage the adaptive immune system.

Why Myeloid Cells?

Myeloid Tx is applying more than 100 years of myeloid biology to build cutting edge platforms that target and reprogram myeloid cells.

Myeloid cells are the conductor of the immune system. They are the front lines of defense against disease, responsible for choreographing downstream immune responses.


Myeloid cells are versatile with effector functions capable of killing cancer cells. Our first-in-class platform harnesses the innate abilities of myeloid cells to engulf cancer cells, produce anti-tumor agents, promote anti-tumor adaptive immunity and alter the tumor microenvironment – and ultimately kill cancer.


Primed Monocytes

By combining neoantigens with the unparalleled power of myeloid cells, we are harnessing a potent anti-tumor response. Our primed monocytes have been shown in experimental models to elicit potent, long-term, T cell activity – suggesting the potential for long-lasting anti-cancer protection.

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