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Myeloid Therapeutics is developing a vaccine to address the COVID-19 pandemic


Empowering Myeloid Cells to Cure Disease

Myeloid Therapeutics reprograms myeloid cells to harness the innate immune system and eradicate cancer and other diseases



We are creating a powerful new class of cell therapies by programming myeloid lineage cells in the innate immune system to target and kill disease. 


We are passionate about providing novel therapies to patients with the highest unmet medical needs.  


Our breakthrough ATAK™ platform is planned for use in upcoming oncology and virology clinical trials. 


Potent Immune Response


Anti-COVID 19

We are harnessing the unique ability of myeloid cells to mobilize the T cell or cellular immune response to recognize and kill virally infected cells. Our myeloid cell vaccine is designed to elicit potent T cell activity for long-term immunity.



To take advantage of myeloid cell recruitment to tumors, we are engineering myeloid cells to eradicate tumors through direct anti-inflammatory activities, transformation of the tumor microenvironment and recruitment of T and NK cells.  


Planned ATAK™ Clinical Programs

Myeloid Therapeutics is planning multiple phase I clinical trials leveraging our proprietary ATAK™ platform to address the critical global viral crisis' in addition to important cancer indications

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