Myeloid Therapeutics is an immuno-oncology company developing its propriety ATAK™ myeloid cell program to cure cancer. ATAK™ cells are myeloid cells that have been engineered with a cancer antigen chimeric receptor to unleash their power to mobilize both the innate and adaptive immune system to fight cancer. Our science has demonstrated activity against hematological and solid tumor targets in preclinical models.

Scientist, Translational Medicine

The Translational Medicine Scientist will work closely with the Chief Medical Officer, Clinical Operations, and preclinical scientists and will be focused on development of novel immuno-oncology therapeutic agents. This position offers the opportunity to take on a leadership role in a growing organization.

Scientist, Pre-clinical

We are seeking an energetic and committed Scientist that will be responsible for building the pre-clinical team within the Translational Sciences group. The successful candidate will be an outstanding scientist with expertise in immunology and experience in overseeing the design, execution, and interpretation of all in vivo pharmacology studies.