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Myeloid Therapeutics is an immunology company focused on combining biology insights with cutting-edge technologies to harness myeloid cells and eradicate cancer and other diseases. With broad clinical applications possible, the Company is presently advancing its cell therapy product candidates, derived from its ATAK™ platform technology, with initial applications in T cell lymphoma and a primed monocyte approach to treating glioblastoma. The ATAK platform is scalable to multiple treatment modalities and to other disease areas in collaboration. Myeloid expects to enter the clinic with its two lead programs in the first half of 2021. The company, having operations in Cambridge, MA, was founded by Ronald Vale and Siddhartha Mukherjee.

Associate Scientist/Scientist, Genome Editing

Myeloid Therapeutics is seeking an Associate Scientist or a Scientist in Genome Editing. You will execute the NGS and other molecular biology techniques to detect sites of genomic integration. In addition, you will detect cargo gene expression using fluorescence flow cytometry and perform cell sorting. You will also contribute to the optimization of the genome editing system for immune cells to support company’s pre-clinical efforts. 

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