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Associate Scientist/Scientist in Genome Editing

Posting Date:

April 2, 2021

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Department at Myeloid:

Molecular RNA Science

Position Type:


Myeloid Therapeutics is seeking an Associate Scientist or a Scientist in Genome Editing. You will execute the NGS and other molecular biology techniques to detect sites of genomic integration. In addition, you will detect cargo gene expression using fluorescence flow cytometry and perform cell sorting. You will also contribute to the optimization of the genome editing system for immune cells to support company’s pre-clinical efforts. We seek applicants that are enthusiastic for science and willing to adapt to the changing needs of fast-paced research and development efforts. We are looking for an adaptive and a quick learner, efficient in multi-tasking and troubleshooting, driven to deliver results to meet goals and timelines. The applicant should have ‘No task too small’ attitude and top-notch work ethic, along with strong communication and collaboration skills and a sound background in nucleic acid biology and gene editing. Strong organizational skills and the ability to handle multiple projects in parallel, as well as an ability to quickly adapt when faced with new challenges, are highly desirable.


Key Responsibilities

  • Contribute to the gene editing process optimization of genome integration and expression of a cargo gene in immune cells

  • Perform NGS and other molecular biology techniques to detect sites of genomic integration. 

  • Detect cargo gene expression using fluorescence flow cytometry and perform cell sorting

  • Execute and troubleshoot standard protocols, develop and adapt new protocols, and query literature to incorporate additional assays as needed

  • Independently plan and execute experiments

  • Perform data analysis and trending

  • Deliver reproducible and impactful results under ambitious timelines 

  • Work well in a cross functional team environment, both independently as well as collaboratively.

  • Adhere to all laboratory safety requirements and procedures, assist in maintaining general laboratory functionality, including lab equipment maintenance and the ordering and receiving of lab supplies

  • Document all experimental planning and progress in electronic lab notebook, prepare PowerPoint slides and present your finding to multi-disciplinary teams


Qualification & Education

  • Ph.D. or M.S. in Genetics, Molecular Biology, Immunology or a related discipline with 3-5 years of laboratory experience

  • Experience with gene editing, gene therapy, or single-cell sequencing technologies

  • Strong background in fluorescence flow cytometry and cell sorting

  • Experience in gene editing or gene therapy technology, not limited to CRISPR

  • Strong laboratory skills in mammalian cell culture including primary cells, transfection and genomic DNA preparation

  • Experience with Next Generation Sequencing library preparation and NGS data analysis 

  • Previous RNA experience in gene editing is preferred

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