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Empowering Myeloid Cells to Fight Disease

Myeloid Therapeutics is reprogramming myeloid cells to harness their potent immune activity and to enhance clinical outcomes in cancer and other diseases.

Developed by leading scientists and clinicians who specialize in oncology, immunology, cell therapy, synthetic biology, and translational medicine, Myeloid’s proprietary ATAK™ platform, mRNA & tri-specific biologic technologies redirect & reprogram cells of the innate immune system to kill cancer.

Our therapies incorporate advanced methods in cell & gene therapy, combining immunology, genetics, cell biology & protein science to improve the lives of patients in need.

Myeloid Therapeutics is unleashing the power of innate cells for cancer therapy.

The company is planning multiple Phase I clinical trials in 2021, starting with glioblastoma and T cell lymphomas.




IND Enabling

Phase I 




T Cell Lymphoma


HER2+ Solid Tumors


TROP2 Solid Tumors

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